Main objectives can be summed as under:
  • Establish, develop and maintain charitable health centers /hospitals for general public and welfare of poor and needy people;
  • Establish, run, support educational institutions of all possible types and scholarships in general with provisions for meritcum poverty basis;
  • Participate in undertaking Government and non-Government people’s welfare oriented programmes;
  • Support poor families in marriage of their daughters and promote marriage congress for the community;
  • Provide voluntary social services at times of national calamites and disaster; and
  • Work in all possible areas of agricultural and rural developments to ameliorate the living standard of rural mass in general and women in particular.
  • Undertaking research regarding application of Science and Technology in areas of greatest social and economic needs.

Donors are eligible for 50 per cent rebate on donated funds in terms of exemption accorded to the Foundation by Director of Income Tax (E), New Delhi u/s 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.